How to download youtube videos mp4? Here is a FREE way to do!

How to download youtube videos mp4?

Our clients just asked us which software they can use to download the Youtube videos. So, before we finish the work today, we wanted to write one more post 🙂

Are you trying to download Youtube videos in mp4? Then, you should check this out!

Yes! It’s free!

No ads, No tricks, No hacking

You can simply visit the website, and add Youtube link. And, download to your computer! Well, it’s done.

Visit here

Here are some steps,
1) Add your youtube URL
2) Hit enter instead of click “Continue”
3) Choose the quality video
4) Click “Start”
5) Download


If you click some other buttons or not doing follow the step will redirect to a weird web page. You don’t want that. Just take the step and download your Youtube video safely.


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Convertri Website Builder Honest Review

Convertri honest review

Hello to our readers! Today we will be doing a review of the Convertri.

Convertri is a website builder software which you choose one of the three plans.
Basic version, Pro version, and Premium versions.

Here are the differences..
– Monthly impressions
– Pro version can import pages
– Pro version can add a team member
– And, top of the Pro version Premium version can add 25 clients.

We purchased Convertri when it launched to the public, so it was over a year ago. The idea was brilliant how to build a website because everything was movable. You do not need to create base blocks or the rules to create designs. Designers would feel free to move around each element.
Photoshop+Convertri will create stunning website designs for sure.

Their price was available at a one time cost, $297. At the beginning of their sales, We wanted to get a refund because we felt the software was not ready enough to use. And, we were afraid if the software would be abandoned after a few months. But, it was just a worry. Convertri team has developed and never stopped to add new features. The newest and my favorite feature they added was the import of any pages.

Well, it’s not still a perfect tool to import as precisely as the original page, but it works! It saves so much of times when we tried to make some deal pages.

Here are some benefits and features you will get with Convertri

– WordPress plugin
If you are a WordPress site lover, you can install Convertri plugin and install to any of your sites and use Convertri designed pages.
Of course, you do not have to have a plugin to up your designs. You can download any of your Convertri designed pages, and add files to your cPanel.

– Free SSL, FAST Server, Import any web pages
These are the main reason why we pay monthly to use the Convertri. If you do not have SSL certificate, this will lose Google rank.
No fast server to load your website will also lose Google rank.
So, SSL and fast loading websites are super crucial on Google

– Drag and Drop interface
Their platform styles have been changed and developed in so many times to make sure everything is user-friendly. It’s a really friendly use platform.

– Analytics

– Support
You can find all their tutorial videos, and every on Tuesday, they send out emails to all their customers what has been updated and what will be. Their answering times is quite slow but will answer in 24~48 hours. ticket based

The worst part of the Convertri?
1) They change their policy often. If you miss their notification, you may end up banned from them. Both Facebook Group and their Software Use
2) A little rough attitude. We understand their software is so good, but they seem not nice to their customers. When they get upset, then no mercy. Ban from them. So, be nice with their support team and Facebook group.
3) If you have their premium version for creating clients login details, don’t try to sell accounts. They will delete your account immediately.

Otherwise, everything is good.

As a customer of the Converti, we believe you would not regret to try their software. It’s simple so many features added and will be.


We did not add any commision link here, so feel free to link the link below



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What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

fail on amazon fba-1491574

Are you trying to start the business on Amazon FBA? Selling on Amazon platform? What is the common mistake people make!? How to succeed in selling on Amazon? And, what makes people failing on Amazon business?

These are the common questions people search for on online and their coach. To avoid the mistakes, we highly recommend to watch or read tons about what others experiences. I learned in a hard way to prevent any issues selling products on Amazon.

1) Don’t purchase any products without research
–Research is the key. If you did not do enough reserach to sell on Amazon, this will end up you lose money. And, paying monthly for Amazon warehouse. I have seen so many people just like this in a situation. One of the sellers tried to sell their favorite books. And, he struggled get rid of these books from Amazon warehouse. (Did you know Amazon can remove your products, but they will charge per each product to remove)

Use Merchantwords or Jungle Scout, or Asin Inspector to check each one of the products in a different keyword. When you find the right one, then you should contact the suppliers.

2) Don’t buy too many products for the first time launch
–I hear many people have both pro and cons for the giveaway. Many of them usually giveaway their products around 500 units, and make sure they get a good review. This may be the right solution, but you will get some highjackers or not getting any reviews.

If you are budget is enough, this is not a big deal. But, many of you do not start the Amazon business with their sufficient budget.

When you purchase your launch product more than enough. Let’s say, you are going to get 10,000 units. You will have to pay Alibaba fee 2.5% or Paypal fee 4.5% if you want to use your credit card to make a payment.

Shipping cost….. This might be more than your product price.

Tariff, Inspection, Barcode, etc etc. will cost you double.

So, if you have a tight budget, try to ask your suppliers to get only a minimum with a good price. If you make a good relationship with a supplier, you may get some reasonable price.

Moreover, you want to check the market to test the product. Do you get a good review? Do people love it? No problem with the product?

When your product is active and starts to sell as FBA, to sell the product may take around 14 days to a month for a first product to be sold. So, it’s not immediate sales.

3) Keyword, Images

If you target a wrong people for the keyword or broad will make a fail. When I first time to start selling on Amazon, I tried to target all large niche, and it made me a big fail. You should have at least use one of the keywords finding software to target a right people and right category. When you find the right keyword, add them all to your title and bullet points.

Images? It’s an instinct that people check the picture first then the writings. That means, Image is representing your quality product and make people catch their attention. Writings for title and bullet point are for the keyword, rank, and information.

So, both of them very important.

4) PPC
If you do not target a wrong keyword, your product will show on a wrong page. That means you are losing the money every second.

5) Don’t try to change your title and keywords so often.
To get an organize traffic may take 15 days to a month. If you keep changing something so often, your listing will not have time to bring an organic traffic.

5) You should do some works outside of the Amazon
Online marketing is important. Try to write a post, making a video, Social Media marketing etc. Google needs backlinks to rank better, but Amazon does not need any backlinks. BUT, THIS WILL BRING ORGANIC TRAFFICS.

These are some of my opinions and suggestions for the answer, What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

Nothing is easy.. When some people say it’s easy earning money, ignore it. No effort, no wins.

Lastly, make sure to visit our website often or subscribe our email list or the youtube channel to get the latest information.

Why should you get away from the iGloo website builder?


<Before you read this article, we are trying to share our experience. So, iGloo team can consider providing the better support to their paid customers.>

We are not making this a fake article. Please read if you would like to know why we are telling our clients that they should get away from this website builder team.

Today’s topic is heavy and may some of you feel uncomfortable because we are going to share our honest review of the software named, iGloo.

iGloo website builder has been launched to the publish over a year, and it started very successfully. So many customers purchased through me, and we also bought all their OTOs.

After a few months, they changed the ownership to this guy, Sam Bakk. Sam Bakk is one of the success guys in the affiliate marketing field. He was collecting emails, promoting other’s software, and created tutorial videos who wants to be an affiliate marketer.

Sam seems nice and professional. And, we also believed that he is the right guy we should trust and test all his products.

So, we purchased VideoSkin software. But after a few months, they started not to support the software. And, we bought SwiftMember. Also, no support came with the software after a few months.

These guys know that after 6 months of their customer’s purchases, customers cannot claim the transaction through the Paypal. So, these developers or vendors start to be generous and end up ignoring all their emails and tickets.

iGloo webstie builder started as a charm software. Now, there is no real support for this software.

The reason why we are asking you should get away from this software iGloo,

1) Support guys do not want to do their works.
– Once you submit the ticket, it takes about 5~7 days to get answered. it does not matter how essential it is. The worst part, they ignore the ticket and close it. When we open another ticket, they answer the ticket one more time with apologizing that they missed the previous ticket, and ignore it again…So, we gave up to open a ticket to report any errors with software.

2) Lacking development
They added a new editor version to make the builder faster. But, there are tons of errors that we did not want to deal with because we know their support team will ignore again, so we kept using the old editor version.

3) Horrible attitude
We had an issue with the iGloo builder, so we suggested and shared our thoughts on their official Facebook group, and they blocked us immediately. Not only us, some of our clients who purchased through us also kicked out from iGloo Facebook community. If you try to speak with Sam Bakk? He blocks a person who wants to complain or share any thoughts of his software.

4) Unstable builder and hosting service
We found so many unstable parts for this builder, one of them we wanted them to fix was the text feature. When we type something, it deletes. and deletes and ……… Keep deleting.
If you use their hosting service, your website will not be alive often. And, no SSL supported.

5) Templates club issue
Over several months, all templates club customers were not able to receive their templates even though they are paying monthly. We did not know it until so many iGloo members started upset about it. And, we do not see any complaints anymore. Maybe Facebook group admin blocked them or people removed themselves.

But, iGloo website builder is active and working, and they are trying to expand their business.

We recommend the iGloo who does not care to speak with the support team. This is really I meant it. iGloo builder is affordable and many features added already before ownership switched so it’s fun to use. If you use the WordPress website, you can also add their plugin to import iGloo designed pages to your WordPress site. But, if your WordPress site is SSL supported, you will end up to seeing so many issues.

We are already said goodbye to the iGloo and Sam Bakk because we do not find any reason to keep any of his unsupported, unstable, no future goals for customers software under the same attitude owner.

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How to find the keywords for Amazon Sales Page? – how to use keywords in amazon to get more sales

How to find the keywords for Amazon Sales Page_1997970

How to find the keywords for Amazon Sales Page? – how to use keywords in amazon to get more sales

We brought the best video for you to watch.

He talks all about finding keywords. And of course, it’s not done there. You will need to use the Jungle Scout or Asin Inspector to do the deep search and find the best 2~3 words to use for your title and bullet points.

The first software he used the MerchantWords the most searched keywords and related to that products.

And, other free software to delete all duplicated words to make sure you do not use unnecessary words.

Using Excel organize all words by search volume

Using Keywords Inspector, reverse keywords to find top 10 keywords again to add in his excel.

Ready to use them all to the backend keywords and the title, bullet points, and description.

We have done something similar tactics to find the keywords, and we loved this method, so we are using his. You can also follow the same steps for your Amazon listing!


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How to find products to sell on amazon FBA ver.2

How to find products to sell on amazon FBA ver2-1996817

How to find products to sell on Amazon FBA ver.2!? Let me introduce what we use for doing a research!

I really hope you read or watched my first video to use Merchantwords and Jungle Scout to find the keywords and products. Now!
But, it’s hard to find the right products right? Even you typed each one of the products can discover from your house. I know..I have been there before.

So, I was thinking to give you another software to try to research and find the products more efficiently. Do you really need this software? Nope. All software is not required. But it will shorten our time and efforts. And of course, will give you more options to think broad.

<You can start to use another software for digging into more finding other products.>

It’s Wish Inspector. The same developer created other software as well, Amazon Suite, Aliexpress, and etc. etc. I actually purchased all because I am a fan of this developer’s software. They are working wonderfully and it helps me a lot to find the product.

How? Watch the details,

The best part of Wish Inspector software is running both PC and MAC.
It was a huge plus to me because I am using the MAC.

* You can put the keyword to find the products.
* Compare all products so easily
* Check repeatedly used review words
* Shows the keywords (This one can help you to use to sell your products and research these keywords on Merchantwords or Jungle Scout to research the same product)

* Fast loading
* Using filters
* No questions asked 30 days money back guarantee

What you see the price is the private discount price, so make sure to get it before it’s expired. I missed once and asked for the discount, but he never offered me any discounted price. So, MAKE SURE TO GET IT 🙂

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Previous Finding Products Video and Content

How to find products to sell on amazon fba?

How to find products to sell on amazon fba_1602680

CLICK HERE if you have any difficulties to watch


How to find products to sell on amazon fba?

Hi Thanks for watching and reading!!!

We decided to post one more to give you more example to find the right products on Amazon FBA! This method is what we use for our clients!

yes, let’s begin!

First of all, we use the Merchantwords to find the keywords or a specific product research. For example, water beads.

You will find tons of search volume in a month. We copy that keyword to the Amazon search bar and use Jungle Scout to check the overview. If you have Asin Inspector chrome extension or other software will work the same.

Jungle Scout will show you the average number of sales, price, and reviews per each month. Here we suggest skipping some products, low prices, low demand, and many reviews on the first page of Amazon.
**For the low price will end up for you not getting profits (NET) and other competitors will try to beat others prices which you will also need to do it. No money to earn.
**Low Demand = no customer
**Many reviews mean, you also need to have that many reviews in order to sell products. But, when you launch the product will hardly to get even one review in a couple of weeks or maybe a month.

So, let’s go back to the Merchantwords to scroll down till you find a better and specific product keyword. We found Clear Water Beads. If you compare with other keywords, they seem high demand with high competitions.
But, Clear Water Beads seems the best one to use the keyword and the products to sell on Amazon. But, this product is not the best. Many Reviews, low prices, and medium demand.

This is how to find the keywords for title and bullet points and backend.

We have heard so many people concerned that the Merchantwords data is not from only the Amazon. Well, it does not really matter because you will still learn peoples flavor and this will rank better on Google.

I will also create another video or post about more details about it. 🙂

We really hope this video helps a little more to find keywords and products to sell them on Amazon FBA

Amazon seller email service | Do I need it?

Amazon seller email service | Do I need it_1981522

Do I need Amazon seller email service?

<This post is not for offering the digital products.>

Well, there is YES and NO.
But, it’s worth it to contact your customer with a thank you message and if a possible to leave a feedback for you. When you send a message to your customer will find to select “FeedBack” inside of your message page.
The most likely customers in Amazon review their products reviews (Stars and Feedbacks) and decide to purchase. So, if you have at least 6 good reviews, you will get more sales than ever.

There is some software to send out messages automatically to their customers. But, only difficulties to use this software is the price. Their price is so high which it considers a tight budget. If you have a tight budget, we suggest creating a message template and send out messages manually. But, if you have more than 50 sales per day, you can purchase the software can do it all for you. 🙂

Overall, the reviews from your real customers are very important to make more sales. BUT! You must note that to share your Amazon sales page through Facebook, Google to ask someone to leave feedback will be notified by Amazon. When you caught, they will remove your listing or block the review section.

What is Amazonizer?


Amazonizer is a team for offering the expert service to provide all information to succeed in their online business.

Are you an Amazon new seller? And, you are not sure where to start? We glad you found us!
Here are the services we can provide.

Amazon Service::
1) Learn how to Start the Amazon FBA business
2) Finding Right Products (Niche) to sell on Amazon
3) Finding Right Keywords for the listing
4) Write Complete Listing
5) Graphic Design Service for Logo or Package Design
6) Run PPC

Video Marketing::
– intro, outro logo animation
– Add and edit clips (Texts, Images, Videos)
– Find the right keywords to rank on Youtube
– Post Steaming Image for 3 Months

Google Marketing::
– Find Right Long Tail Keyword (Low Competition Keywords) – SEO
– Create 5 PBN sites to post all your contents – Backlinks
– Comments Backlinks

Social Media Marketing (Right Target to run the Ads)
– Post Live Facebook Videos with Right Keywords

Website Service::
– Build E-Commerce or blog site (Woocommerce) – Website Design (All Royalty Free or Free Copyrights Images) 100% Customized Vector Images
– Website Marketing (Backend SEO)
– Install Premium Plugins for SEO
– Website Management
– Virus Scan, Backup
– Collect Emails (Optin Pages)

Offline Service::
– Radio Marketing
– Newspaper Marketing
– TV Marketing

We can offer you the package deal or a specific service. Feel free to contact our team to get a quote!

CLICK HERE to Contact our Amazonizer Team