Amazon keywords tips | How to find amazon keywords

Amazon keywords tips,

It's been a while for us to start to offer the Amazon business service to our clients. Some products failed to sell well, some are great. Our team spent many hours to test to check which keywords are the best way to use and which software works most the best.

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We use three main software to find the keywords.

1) MerchantWords

Amazon keywords tips
Amazon keywords tips

– MW is a popular software many Amazon sellers are using to find the keywords and product research.

It gives the monthly search monthly volume at the biggest online e-com sites.

But, many people say that since the MW data is not only from the Amazon, it's useless to them. Many people straight to go to the Amazon to purchase products, but many others may use Google to find the products.

Amazon spends tons of money to make sure their platform brings the best rank as possible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, more customers from outside of the Amazon, more earnings for both sellers and Amazon. So, it makes sense to know the high search volume currently all over the internet search.

We use at least three to four keywords to find and download to our computer. And, organize them by keyword volumes. (High number to low number)

SAVE file

Next, we use

2) Helium10

amazon keywords tips
amazon keywords tips

H10 has many features that you can use. One of the features MAGNET, Keyword research.

This software gives more depth numbers to show you Overall scores,

"Exact Phrase Search Volume Broad Phrase Search Volume Sponsored ASINs Headline ASINs Competing Products CPR Total Giveaways CPR Daily Giveaways"

Now, we do the same to download with keywords. And, organize them into one sheet, high search number to the low. We combine it with MW keywords.

The last part,

3) Keyword Inspector Reverse keywords

amazon keywords tips
amazon keywords tips

We use the same keywords to find 3~4 ASIN numbers on Amazon. Use the KI to find the most searchable keywords people are using to find this specific product on Amazon.

We copy 1~10 scores and organize them again.


Now the time to use these keywords to the Title, Bullets, and description.

Not likely on Google SEO, you just need to use the keyword only once on your listing and backend keyword. It's much simpler than Google SEO.

When you are done creating your listing, wait about 7~15 days to bring the organic traffics.

So, it's not hard to find the Amazon keywords if you have all these software. But, if you need our help to find the keywords for you, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will find the right keywords and deliver the files as well. So, there are no tricks, nulled, or mistakes.

Here are the benefits if you choose our service,

1) Save your time

2) Save your money

3) All downloaded files will also be delivering

What are you waiting for? Contact us today

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Amazon keywords tips

Amazon FBA business plan pdf, Download it or read it here

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

We found a great article for you to read. It gives many ideas Finding profitable products on Amazon, Why do you want to start the Amazon business and drop shipping.

Amazon FBA business plan pdf
Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Article by "FBA Spartans"

7 Keys To Finding Profitable Products On Amazon

Welcome and congratulations for taking the first step in changing your life forever! In this eBook, I will be breaking down the 7 Keys to Finding Profitable Products on Amazon. These 7 keys should be used as some quick guidelines, and will determine if the product is worth the investment!

Lets face it. The whole world is slowly making a huge transition toward e-commerce. Just this past year, the “juggernaut” retailers could not even compete against e-commerce stores. Here are some scary statistics backing this claim up:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch: Last March, they announced that it would close 60 of its U.S. stores with expiring leases during its 2017 fiscal year. The chain has closed hundreds of store locations over the last few years while placing an increased emphasis on online sales.
  • J.C. Penney: The department store chain is closing 138 stores this year while restructuring its business to meet shifting consumer tastes.
  • Macy’s: Facing declining foot traffic at its store locations, Macy’s said earlier this year that it would close 68 outlets and reduce its workforce by several thousand employees.
  • RadioShack: The once-prominent electronics outlet shut down more than 1,000 store locations earlier this year. The brand now operates just 70 stores nationwide, down from a peak of several thousand.
  • Sears/Kmart: Sears Holdings is one of the most prominent traditional retailers to suffer in a challenged sales environment. The brand closed 35 Kmart locations and eight Sears stores in July and has closed more than 300 locations this year due to pressure from e-commerce outlets.
  • Toys R Us: The toy shop just recently filed for bankruptcy in September due to there mounting debt and pressure from wary suppliers. For now, the company says its 1,600 store locations will remain open and operate "as usual," with no changes to organization structure or payroll. Following the 2017 holiday season, the future of the stores remains unclear.
  • Nike: One of the most known brands, Nike has been telling investors that it expects more of its sales to move online, saying that “undifferentiated, mediocre retail won’t survive.”

Now is arguably the BEST time to start your Amazon business. However, there are many complicated steps that one may/will face while starting their Amazon business. That's where I come in. My mission is very simple. I am going to help you, and will provide you the necessary tools to help you build an extremely successful Amazon business. My mission is to help you replace your 9-5 income, so you can spend YOUR life the way it was supposed to be spent, HOWEVER YOU WANT! It’s time to take back your life!


Well, first let's start with what Amazon FBA is. Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. So what this means is that Amazon will look after all of your stock (we ship your items to the specific warehouse they assign for you, and they store it in an Amazon warehouse). When a customer places an order on Amazon, Amazon picks out the order, and ships it to the customer on your behalf. Amazon FBA also handles pretty much all of the customer service, meaning they handle all of the returns and shipping questions. Your packages will also be eligible for Amazon prime, a huge buying advantage, over other sellers. This is arguably the best advantage, and we get access to their insane traffic.

So how does this all work? Well guys, it's actually a pretty straightforward process. We find a product that is already making others money, has a lot of demand, and has low competition. Once we find this product, we start contacting suppliers to private label the same product (but making it better, or adding something beneficial). We then ship it to an Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse, create your listing, sell it, and BOOM, we profit. Now this is a brief explanation of the process, and there are many other steps, yet this is the gist of it.

So why Amazon?

Well let's look at some stats. In 2016, Amazon had over 135 billion U.S. dollars in net sales. This year, (2017), they were able to raise this number by over 32%. An astounding 197 billion U.S dollars in net sales.

What about Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is another amazing business model, however, the biggest flaw in drop shipping is not having the ability of organic sales. With drop shipping, you will always be responsible for driving traffic. What this means is, in order to get sales, you always need to be advertising. With Amazon, once we get your product on the first page, our work becomes minimal and we can get organic sales rather easily. We can sit back and watch the organic sales role in. Obviously there are many more steps to this, but this is just a quick example. Now there are many other advantages and disadvantages to both, and each are amazing opportunities. However, with Amazon’s numbers continually going up, there is no other place were I would want to be selling

How To Find A Profitable Product, And What They Look Like

I need you to stop what you are doing and focus 100% on this. Your Amazon business relies on finding a profitable product. Do this step wrong, and you will be banging your head wondering why your product won't sell. Now I am not going to sugar coat it, this is definitely the toughest part, and most people usually get obsessed with this step. The problem with that is, most people will not move past this step. But do not worry, that is what I am here for! There are literally tons of different ways to find profitable products, and that’s what I will be teaching you in some of my upcoming videos. But now let’s get to the 5 Keys to finding your first profitable product.

1. Demand

Is this product going to be profitable? Listen, if your product has no demand, guess what, you will make NO money. So that is why I always look at the Sales and Revenue for my potential product.

  • The minimum revenue I look for is at least $6,000-$7,000 USD for at least 7 products on the first page.
  • This number can be lower or higher depending on your specific goals. My goal is to be making at least $3,000 a month from each product (profit).
  • This is a perfect number considering our margins are usually at least 45% after all Amazon fees, and some PPC. Now obviously the higher these numbers the better it will be, but remember this is the absolute MINIMUM to look for.

2. Reviews

Reviews allow us to see how competitive a product is. The lower the number, the better. It’s pretty straight forward. Now I put demand as the most important step because depending on your budget, the number of reviews can be higher. If you are looking for the BEST possible product however, you want to look for:

  • 7 of the FIRST 12 products having lower than 150-200 reviews. (THE LOWER THE BETTER)
  • No more than 2 listings should have over 1000 reviews. However, if there is enough demand, and you feel you can hit your goal numbers or surpass them, then you are good to go.

3. Cost of Product to Source and Sell

Price is based on you specifically. If you have the budget to sell a $50+ item, and feel you can hit your goal numbers, then go ahead. However, you have to remember sourcing this product will be more expensive, and will require a much bigger capital investment.

  • Your product cannot be less than $15. This is because of the fees we have to pay (FBA fees, Supplier Fees, PPC, etc). Again, this depends on your numbers, but we always shoot for AT LEAST $6 profit a sale, and by having a listing price of under $15, this will be nearly impossible.

4. Patents

Patents are another important step that gets overlooked too many times. There is nothing worse then grinding to find a product, finding one, finding a supplier, PAYING for the product, listing it, then getting a cease and desist letter.

  • Checking if a product is patented is actually simpler than you may think. I personally like to use Google Patents, as I feel it is easier to operate ( All we have to do is search the broadest keywords for our product and check if the product is patented or not. If you don't find anything great, if you're still a little scared, you may want to consider talking to a patent attorney.

5. Seasonality

Checking to see if a product is seasonal is a MUST. There are many tools to check this including ( which is a website, and Keepa ( which is a chrome extension that actually will show the sales chart on the Amazon product page. By doing this, we will be able to see if the product only sells in certain seasons. If so, we will want to avoid this product.

6. Listing Quality of Competitors

By looking at our competitors listings, we can determine if they have a good listing or not. What is listing quality and why does it matter? Well, when a customer searches for a product, they will be looking at a few things to help them determine their purchase decision.

  • Pictures
  • Reviews (What are others saying)
  • Product Features (Bullets, Emojis,)
  • Description

If your competitors have poor images, whether they only have one, if they are blurry, and/or if it doesn't show the true potential of the product, this is good for us! If the reviews of the product are poor, great! If the features are not what the customer is looking for, or doesn't solve the customer's problem, great for us again! If they don't have a description, or if it is a poor description (you will be able to tell), even better! If they have a poor listing, we can capitalize on this, and win sales from our competitors.

7. Can We Differentiate

A very big deciding factor before launching a product is whether or not we can differentiate ourselves from the competition. There are many ways that we can differentiate ourselves, a few include:

  1. Better First Listing Picture
  2. Bundling
  3. Adding Value
  4. Changing Color of Product (Don’t Recommend as only differentiating factor)
  5. Making a Better Product (Fixing Flaws)

Now You May Be Asking Yourself, How Can I Find Out The Revenue and Demand of These Products.

You can download it as a PDF file CLICK HERE

To use the software will shorten your efforts.

The software we are using is the Jungle Scout and Asin Inspector Chrome Extensions. You do not have to have these Chrome Extensions, but these will help you to find the average numbers monthly revenue and reviews.

Furthermore, MerchantWords software can give you more options to find the keywords and popular keywords people are searching every month.

The software is not amendatory but will need it if you would like to have a better result.

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA business plan pdf

Amazon FBA fees, Why is it so important?

Amazon FBA fees? Yes, you must consider what is the fee to pay for your Amazon FBA business.

Amazon FBA fees
Amazon FBA fees

Why is important to know?

The reason you must consider the fee is that it's higher than you expect. The simple calculation for the cost is almost 40% of your profits you make from the Amazon selling.

We always ship all products to our location first and inspect them and send them to the Amazon warehouse,


Product price + Shipping cost to our warehouse + Attache Barcode to each item + ship them to Amazon warehouse (1,2, or 3 different locations) + Amazon warehouse fee + Amazon pro fee + And when we make any sales, we have to pay for the Amazon fee.

Yes, it seems a lot. So, without the calculation, you will lose your money.

So, for calculating your Amazon selling fees per each product you sell, you can use one of the free Chrome extensions, "FBA Calculator for Amazon."

Amazon FBA fees article

(We are not getting any commissions)

We merely Googled it to found it. There are tons of different ones you can try to use them.

In the next article, we will focus on giving more information about the software for calculating your Amazon FBA fees because it's not easy to figure it out the accurate numbers.

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Free blog posting sites list? Try ours!

Are you looking for a Free blog posting sites list? Have you tried the Social Media account? Or the WordPress site?

free blog posting sites list
free blog posting sites list

WordPress site is FREE, some great themes are FREE, some great plugins are FREE. Why don't you try to use the WordPress site for your blog?

Yea yea…There is a learning curve. But, you are looking for a blog…and free?

Let me tell you how you can create a free WordPress site.

But, before that, you must have your domain name and hosting.

Go to the is the cheapest hosting service provider we know. Their price is around $1.5~$3/ month. And, sometimes, they offer you a free domain name. But, you do not want to pay any recurring payment? Then, we have another solution for you.

We have been using some of our websites running by Lifetime Hosting service. It's a one-time fee, and there is no recurring payment. And, you will use their hosting service for a lifetime. Not only that, you will get a free 1 domain name for ten years.

Here are some features:

*Lifetime Hosting for 4 Websites

*4 GB of SSD-Optimized Storage

*Unlimited Subdomains & Parked Domains

*Full Suite of Email Tools & Integrated Web Statistics

*24×7 Live Chat Support & Technical Support

*Faster Websites: LiteSpeed Webserver, CloudLinux Operating System, Enterprise Server Hardware, Hot-Swapable Raid Storage

*Bonus 1: One Lifetime Domain Registration –,,,,, or

*Bonus 2: Surefire Market Research – Find the right markets and better understand you customer wants.

*Bonus 3: The Organized Mind – Overcome information overload, free yourself, reduce stress and work more productively.

*Starter+ Regular: $149.90 Value

*Single One-Time Payment: $39.99

Well, we actually publish all our PBN sites by Lifetime hosting service. It's fast and 4 GB is enough for a WordPress site.

If you are interested in Lifetime Hosting deal, you can purchase it through here, CLICK

(You can also contact our support team if you have any questions)

After you are ready for the hosting and domain name, then use the cPanel to install the WordPress. (If you purchased the deal from us, we will help you to install the WordPress).

The next part will be to access the backend to the WordPress site, click "Appearance" to choose any template.

Next, go to the "Plugin" section to add some great plugins for your WordPress site.

**Yoast (For SEO)

**Wordfence (For Security)

**Jetpack (Security and visitor data)

(If you install so many plugins will cause your site to load slow, so make not to install so many plugins)

These are all free ones. You do not need to purchase their premium versions to use them. (If you would like to get some premium plugins? Contact us as well; we will find the best solution for you)

When you are ready for the theme and plugin, now you are ready to post.

We have been using all these tactics to create WordPress sites for all our PBN sites and some of our clients who love to have their blog sites but affordable price.

Your blog site will stay longer and fresh to serve your visitors happiness and information. Try the WordPress site if you did not try it yet. Or, contact us to help you out.


Free blog posting sites list

Popsocket online deal, Pop Socket Car Mount for All Phones 2pack

Popsocket online car mount deal!

We found a great item for you to try. It's a New Version Air Vent Phone Holder.

Popsocket online
Popsocket online


**Popsocket online exclusive!

**Comes with 2 Pack at a low price

**Hold any weight phones

**Small size to fit many air vents

The previous version had an issue with holding heavy phones, but for this new version, Pop Socket Car Mount will keep it tight.


**This popsocket online exclusively design for your pop phone to stand perfectly and easy to snap your phone stand in and out.

**Full 360-Degree rotation for the perfect view angle.

**Simple mount with handy size, no complex installation.

**Handsfree when driving and no need to take the Pop off.

**Great gift Idea for Father, Grandfather, Boyfriend and Friends.

You have your phone with installing the Popsocket, and you have your car; then why don't you try this Popsocket online deal, Air Vent Phone Holder?

Click here to get it before the price goes up!

Blog software | Story Chief Honest Review – Auto publishing backlink generation software

Blog Software,

Are you looking for Story Cheif Review? Blog software? Automation software to publish your contents to all over your websites and Social Media? Then, you should pay attention to the deal, Story Chief.

Blog Software, Story Chief
Blog Software, Story Chief

Why do you want to purchase the Blog Software, Story Chief?


**Blast your content to all your different channels with just a few clicks

**Have the entire collaboration, comment reviewal, and approval flow in one place

**Let the SEO & Readability tool show you tips on how you to optimize your story

**See impressions, views, and reads across all of your channels

**Best for: Bloggers, Content Teams, Marketers, and Journalists

Story Chief is not only for the bloggers. When you publish to all your Social Media and sites, this will generate the backlinks to rank on Google. Not only that each content will show all data how many people read, impressions, and etc.

When you first time to log in to the Story Chief, you want to add all your Social Media accounts and blogs. If you purchase one code, you will be limited to add about 10 accounts each.

After you add all your accounts information, you can start to write your contents!

Click on "Craft a Story" button to add all your writings. With the SEO and Readability tool will give you all possibilities to rank better on Google.

When you get 100% score, go head choose your primary blog, and click the publish! Now, it's done.

You can relax wait to check the data. It creates backlinks, SEO friendly, showing data, and invite your VA or Copywriters to check your comments and edit. What else do you need for writing a content?

Please Click The link below to learn more about the DEAL

Blog Software

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Can I trust New software launches on JVZOO?

Can I trust new software? Did you find the newly launched software, and they are using the Jvzoo for transactions?

Can I trust new software?
Can I trust new software?

Then, you want to read this article before purchase your product.

Many developers and vendors are using the JVZOO because they need affiliate marketers to promote and bring the customers.

Over three years, we purchased so many products, software, ebooks, and etc. to test them.

The most of software we purchased through the Jvzoo failed or not supported after a year. Each software offered the one time fee to keep and guarantee the future update. But, only a few of them are still working.

It does not matter you purchased from the most trusted affiliate marketers or developers, in our experience, more than 90% failed.

Why do they do that?

Because they need

**Email addresses

Yes, your email address. It’s the easiest way to collect many working emails .

When they collect these emails, they will start to send out to promote other software. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE TO SUPPORT THEIR SOFTWARE. All they want is collecting emails and earn money. No proud of their software nor development. -It’s proved by many top marketers.

These money suckers use this method,

1) Research a little which software will catch many business owners to purchase.

2) Contact the developers

3) Build the software and launch it through the JVZOO

4) Support the software at least for 6 months to avoid a refund through Paypal.

5) Start to send out emails to promote other software

6) Stop supporting the software.

In our experience, we will list some of the great developers or vendors that you can trust to purchase from. –We are not getting any commision or related to these companies or people.

  • Chris Record,

About three years ago, we purchased one of his products, he always had the webinars and shared his experience in online business. And, of course, we surprised how much he cares about the software and customers. Over these years, we never regretted to spend the money on him. His support team is also super friendly!

  • Mark Thompson,

The name of his company is Digital Kickstart.

We purchased the most of his products, no issues at all. But, just one thing, they changed one of the software ownership before and it caused so many problems (It was about two years ago). Otherwise, their software is still working great, support team answers in 5 minues~max 12 hours. Super friendly.

  • Brett Rutecky,

Brett Rutecky is a software developer and one of the top affiliate marketers. When he reviews the others software, he shares the honest thoughts. We visit his official website to read his article often.

If you had the experience to purchase his software, you will feel that all software is working great and never failed support. But, one thing, he is not a friendly customer support guy. Well, the most developers are not really friendly when it comes to the customer service.

Over these years only three of them are we can think of to recommend to purchase their products. Others, you really need to do the research on their history. Or, you will end up to lose all your money not using the software.

We now know who is making fake by purchased so many software and products from many vendors and developers. So, we filter them.

We really hope JVZOO not accept these money suckers, so many of you can trust to purchase through Jvzoo.

Would you like to read more articles? VISIT US

This Article is about the
Can I trust New software?

How to download youtube videos mp4? Here is a FREE way to do!

How to download youtube videos mp4?

Our clients just asked us which software they can use to download the Youtube videos. So, before we finish the work today, we wanted to write one more post 🙂

Are you trying to download Youtube videos in mp4? Then, you should check this out!

Yes! It’s free!

No ads, No tricks, No hacking

You can simply visit the website, and add Youtube link. And, download to your computer! Well, it’s done.

Visit here

Here are some steps,
1) Add your youtube URL
2) Hit enter instead of click “Continue”
3) Choose the quality video
4) Click “Start”
5) Download


If you click some other buttons or not doing follow the step will redirect to a weird web page. You don’t want that. Just take the step and download your Youtube video safely.


You can always visit us to check the newest and latest online information here.

Convertri Website Builder Honest Review

Convertri honest review

Hello to our readers! Today we will be doing a review of the Convertri.

Convertri is a website builder software which you choose one of the three plans.
Basic version, Pro version, and Premium versions.

Here are the differences..
– Monthly impressions
– Pro version can import pages
– Pro version can add a team member
– And, top of the Pro version Premium version can add 25 clients.

We purchased Convertri when it launched to the public, so it was over a year ago. The idea was brilliant how to build a website because everything was movable. You do not need to create base blocks or the rules to create designs. Designers would feel free to move around each element.
Photoshop+Convertri will create stunning website designs for sure.

Their price was available at a one time cost, $297. At the beginning of their sales, We wanted to get a refund because we felt the software was not ready enough to use. And, we were afraid if the software would be abandoned after a few months. But, it was just a worry. Convertri team has developed and never stopped to add new features. The newest and my favorite feature they added was the import of any pages.

Well, it’s not still a perfect tool to import as precisely as the original page, but it works! It saves so much of times when we tried to make some deal pages.

Here are some benefits and features you will get with Convertri

– WordPress plugin
If you are a WordPress site lover, you can install Convertri plugin and install to any of your sites and use Convertri designed pages.
Of course, you do not have to have a plugin to up your designs. You can download any of your Convertri designed pages, and add files to your cPanel.

– Free SSL, FAST Server, Import any web pages
These are the main reason why we pay monthly to use the Convertri. If you do not have SSL certificate, this will lose Google rank.
No fast server to load your website will also lose Google rank.
So, SSL and fast loading websites are super crucial on Google

– Drag and Drop interface
Their platform styles have been changed and developed in so many times to make sure everything is user-friendly. It’s a really friendly use platform.

– Analytics

– Support
You can find all their tutorial videos, and every on Tuesday, they send out emails to all their customers what has been updated and what will be. Their answering times is quite slow but will answer in 24~48 hours. ticket based

The worst part of the Convertri?
1) They change their policy often. If you miss their notification, you may end up banned from them. Both Facebook Group and their Software Use
2) A little rough attitude. We understand their software is so good, but they seem not nice to their customers. When they get upset, then no mercy. Ban from them. So, be nice with their support team and Facebook group.
3) If you have their premium version for creating clients login details, don’t try to sell accounts. They will delete your account immediately.

Otherwise, everything is good.

As a customer of the Converti, we believe you would not regret to try their software. It’s simple so many features added and will be.


We did not add any commision link here, so feel free to link the link below



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What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

fail on amazon fba-1491574

Are you trying to start the business on Amazon FBA? Selling on Amazon platform? What is the common mistake people make!? How to succeed in selling on Amazon? And, what makes people failing on Amazon business?

These are the common questions people search for on online and their coach. To avoid the mistakes, we highly recommend to watch or read tons about what others experiences. I learned in a hard way to prevent any issues selling products on Amazon.

1) Don’t purchase any products without research
–Research is the key. If you did not do enough reserach to sell on Amazon, this will end up you lose money. And, paying monthly for Amazon warehouse. I have seen so many people just like this in a situation. One of the sellers tried to sell their favorite books. And, he struggled get rid of these books from Amazon warehouse. (Did you know Amazon can remove your products, but they will charge per each product to remove)

Use Merchantwords or Jungle Scout, or Asin Inspector to check each one of the products in a different keyword. When you find the right one, then you should contact the suppliers.

2) Don’t buy too many products for the first time launch
–I hear many people have both pro and cons for the giveaway. Many of them usually giveaway their products around 500 units, and make sure they get a good review. This may be the right solution, but you will get some highjackers or not getting any reviews.

If you are budget is enough, this is not a big deal. But, many of you do not start the Amazon business with their sufficient budget.

When you purchase your launch product more than enough. Let’s say, you are going to get 10,000 units. You will have to pay Alibaba fee 2.5% or Paypal fee 4.5% if you want to use your credit card to make a payment.

Shipping cost….. This might be more than your product price.

Tariff, Inspection, Barcode, etc etc. will cost you double.

So, if you have a tight budget, try to ask your suppliers to get only a minimum with a good price. If you make a good relationship with a supplier, you may get some reasonable price.

Moreover, you want to check the market to test the product. Do you get a good review? Do people love it? No problem with the product?

When your product is active and starts to sell as FBA, to sell the product may take around 14 days to a month for a first product to be sold. So, it’s not immediate sales.

3) Keyword, Images

If you target a wrong people for the keyword or broad will make a fail. When I first time to start selling on Amazon, I tried to target all large niche, and it made me a big fail. You should have at least use one of the keywords finding software to target a right people and right category. When you find the right keyword, add them all to your title and bullet points.

Images? It’s an instinct that people check the picture first then the writings. That means, Image is representing your quality product and make people catch their attention. Writings for title and bullet point are for the keyword, rank, and information.

So, both of them very important.

4) PPC
If you do not target a wrong keyword, your product will show on a wrong page. That means you are losing the money every second.

5) Don’t try to change your title and keywords so often.
To get an organize traffic may take 15 days to a month. If you keep changing something so often, your listing will not have time to bring an organic traffic.

5) You should do some works outside of the Amazon
Online marketing is important. Try to write a post, making a video, Social Media marketing etc. Google needs backlinks to rank better, but Amazon does not need any backlinks. BUT, THIS WILL BRING ORGANIC TRAFFICS.

These are some of my opinions and suggestions for the answer, What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

Nothing is easy.. When some people say it’s easy earning money, ignore it. No effort, no wins.

Lastly, make sure to visit our website often or subscribe our email list or the youtube channel to get the latest information.