Arbitrage Suite, What is it?

Arbitrage Suite, What is it?
Is it worth it to use the software?

Arbitrage Suite, What is it?
Arbitrage Suite, What is it?

Arbitrage Suite is an Amazon Dropshipping software that it gives you an idea which product is better to sell on Amazon. And, it automatically tracks the prices and updates the new prices for you. Everything seems really great. But, in this article, I want to talk about other things instead of praising their software.

Arbitrage Suite, What is it?
Arbitrage Suite, What is it?

First of all, to do the drop shipping is not allowed on Amazon. Amazon found out so many issues with drop shipping items. If Amazon finds out you are doing the drop shipping by using Arbitrage Suite or any other software will ban your seller account immediately.

Customer service issue;

Arbitrage Suite Facebook group will not allow anyone to post anything that admin does not want to see. And, of course, the admin will kick out these people from their Facebook group.

I was able to find some negative reviews about the software. Banning account, spamming software, and terrible customer service. My account is active, so I do not have a lot of things to discuss. But, I agree with a "terrible customer service"

Terrible customer service;

Arbitrage Suite does not allow people to share their negative thoughts about the software in public. Not even mention anything. No answering customer support. They do not really support their customers.

Overall, Arbitrage Suite team does not care whether you will be using their software or not. All they want is keeping their software fellows and keep running the software. However, their software works with tracking Walmart and other sites prices to make sure to sell the right prices on Amazon. This is a huge plus if you do the drop shipping.

I would suggest using other methods for your drop shipping.

TacticalArbitrage is one of the popular software you can try. It researches all products on different sites and gives you a price comparison. Then, you can use the Jungle Scout or helium10 software to find whether your niche product may sell well or not.

(I use them all software, and works as a charm)

I have been uploading a bunch of different products and tried to sell on Amazon.

This did not work. You will need to find hot niche products and the right keywords.

Why is the top Amazon seller does not use, Arbitrage Suite? Because there is a reason for it.

You can, of course, have a different opinion on the software. Or, you made a good money using the software. If you are a customer of them, you should aware of the risk. Make sure to choose the right vendor and brand products. Amazon marketplace to the seller is the war zone.

If you make a small mistake can make your seller account to ban forever. Keep in mind.

This article is about the

Arbitrage Suite

Personal experience. You

Is it worth it to use the software?
Is it worth it to use the software?

Amazon keywords tips | How to find amazon keywords

Amazon keywords tips,

It's been a while for us to start to offer the Amazon business service to our clients. Some products failed to sell well, some are great. Our team spent many hours to test to check which keywords are the best way to use and which software works most the best.

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We use three main software to find the keywords.

1) MerchantWords

Amazon keywords tips
Amazon keywords tips

– MW is a popular software many Amazon sellers are using to find the keywords and product research.

It gives the monthly search monthly volume at the biggest online e-com sites.

But, many people say that since the MW data is not only from the Amazon, it's useless to them. Many people straight to go to the Amazon to purchase products, but many others may use Google to find the products.

Amazon spends tons of money to make sure their platform brings the best rank as possible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, more customers from outside of the Amazon, more earnings for both sellers and Amazon. So, it makes sense to know the high search volume currently all over the internet search.

We use at least three to four keywords to find and download to our computer. And, organize them by keyword volumes. (High number to low number)

SAVE file

Next, we use

2) Helium10

amazon keywords tips
amazon keywords tips

H10 has many features that you can use. One of the features MAGNET, Keyword research.

This software gives more depth numbers to show you Overall scores,

"Exact Phrase Search Volume Broad Phrase Search Volume Sponsored ASINs Headline ASINs Competing Products CPR Total Giveaways CPR Daily Giveaways"

Now, we do the same to download with keywords. And, organize them into one sheet, high search number to the low. We combine it with MW keywords.

The last part,

3) Keyword Inspector Reverse keywords

amazon keywords tips
amazon keywords tips

We use the same keywords to find 3~4 ASIN numbers on Amazon. Use the KI to find the most searchable keywords people are using to find this specific product on Amazon.

We copy 1~10 scores and organize them again.


Now the time to use these keywords to the Title, Bullets, and description.

Not likely on Google SEO, you just need to use the keyword only once on your listing and backend keyword. It's much simpler than Google SEO.

When you are done creating your listing, wait about 7~15 days to bring the organic traffics.

So, it's not hard to find the Amazon keywords if you have all these software. But, if you need our help to find the keywords for you, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will find the right keywords and deliver the files as well. So, there are no tricks, nulled, or mistakes.

Here are the benefits if you choose our service,

1) Save your time

2) Save your money

3) All downloaded files will also be delivering

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Amazon keywords tips