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Hello its Erin,

Recently I received so many emails about the new software has launched for the email marketing tool. I did not test it because I know this vendor will abandon the software even though it's a recurring payment plan.

So I thought to give you a better solution for sending out unlimited emails, unlimited campaigns, optin pages etc.

The web-based software named MYMAILIT.

Get MyMailIt
Get MyMailIt

Mymailit has been launched several months as a second version of the mailit WordPress plugin. Of course, our business partners and I used this mailit plugin and sent out unlimited emails to our users.

With that great experience with the software for more than 2 years, we would like to introduce you and offer you the mymailit software at a low cost. This plan will no longer be available after a few days.

The benefits,

1. Unlimited add subscribers

2. Unlimited send out emails

3. Unlimited campaigns

4. Unlimited use software and lifetime access

5. Nonrecurring payment

6. Fast support

Of course, we will give you 30 days money back guarantee no questions asked.

Our video will walkthrough the demo, reviews how you can create a campaign and add a subscriber. And, you can use the drag and drop interface to create your optin pages.

Is the MyMailIt a scam?

Nope, it's not. Once you get an access to the software and use, you will find the power of one button of the software to send out your emails.

But the My MailIt today before our deal our bonus price is expired.