What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

Are you trying to start the business on Amazon FBA? Selling on Amazon platform? What is the common mistake people make!? How to succeed in selling on Amazon? And, what makes people failing on Amazon business?

These are the common questions people search for on online and their coach. To avoid the mistakes, we highly recommend to watch or read tons about what others experiences. I learned in a hard way to prevent any issues selling products on Amazon.

1) Don’t purchase any products without research
–Research is the key. If you did not do enough reserach to sell on Amazon, this will end up you lose money. And, paying monthly for Amazon warehouse. I have seen so many people just like this in a situation. One of the sellers tried to sell their favorite books. And, he struggled get rid of these books from Amazon warehouse. (Did you know Amazon can remove your products, but they will charge per each product to remove)

Use Merchantwords or Jungle Scout, or Asin Inspector to check each one of the products in a different keyword. When you find the right one, then you should contact the suppliers.

2) Don’t buy too many products for the first time launch
–I hear many people have both pro and cons for the giveaway. Many of them usually giveaway their products around 500 units, and make sure they get a good review. This may be the right solution, but you will get some highjackers or not getting any reviews.

If you are budget is enough, this is not a big deal. But, many of you do not start the Amazon business with their sufficient budget.

When you purchase your launch product more than enough. Let’s say, you are going to get 10,000 units. You will have to pay Alibaba fee 2.5% or Paypal fee 4.5% if you want to use your credit card to make a payment.

Shipping cost….. This might be more than your product price.

Tariff, Inspection, Barcode, etc etc. will cost you double.

So, if you have a tight budget, try to ask your suppliers to get only a minimum with a good price. If you make a good relationship with a supplier, you may get some reasonable price.

Moreover, you want to check the market to test the product. Do you get a good review? Do people love it? No problem with the product?

When your product is active and starts to sell as FBA, to sell the product may take around 14 days to a month for a first product to be sold. So, it’s not immediate sales.

3) Keyword, Images

If you target a wrong people for the keyword or broad will make a fail. When I first time to start selling on Amazon, I tried to target all large niche, and it made me a big fail. You should have at least use one of the keywords finding software to target a right people and right category. When you find the right keyword, add them all to your title and bullet points.

Images? It’s an instinct that people check the picture first then the writings. That means, Image is representing your quality product and make people catch their attention. Writings for title and bullet point are for the keyword, rank, and information.

So, both of them very important.

4) PPC
If you do not target a wrong keyword, your product will show on a wrong page. That means you are losing the money every second.

5) Don’t try to change your title and keywords so often.
To get an organize traffic may take 15 days to a month. If you keep changing something so often, your listing will not have time to bring an organic traffic.

5) You should do some works outside of the Amazon
Online marketing is important. Try to write a post, making a video, Social Media marketing etc. Google needs backlinks to rank better, but Amazon does not need any backlinks. BUT, THIS WILL BRING ORGANIC TRAFFICS.

These are some of my opinions and suggestions for the answer, What did the most people fail on product launch on Amazon? | the real reasons people fail on amazon fba

Nothing is easy.. When some people say it’s easy earning money, ignore it. No effort, no wins.

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