Why should you get away from the iGloo website builder?

<Before you read this article, we are trying to share our experience. So, iGloo team can consider providing the better support to their paid customers.>

We are not making this a fake article. Please read if you would like to know why we are telling our clients that they should get away from this website builder team.

Today’s topic is heavy and may some of you feel uncomfortable because we are going to share our honest review of the software named, iGloo.

iGloo website builder has been launched to the publish over a year, and it started very successfully. So many customers purchased through me, and we also bought all their OTOs.

After a few months, they changed the ownership to this guy, Sam Bakk. Sam Bakk is one of the success guys in the affiliate marketing field. He was collecting emails, promoting other’s software, and created tutorial videos who wants to be an affiliate marketer.

Sam seems nice and professional. And, we also believed that he is the right guy we should trust and test all his products.

So, we purchased VideoSkin software. But after a few months, they started not to support the software. And, we bought SwiftMember. Also, no support came with the software after a few months.

These guys know that after 6 months of their customer’s purchases, customers cannot claim the transaction through the Paypal. So, these developers or vendors start to be generous and end up ignoring all their emails and tickets.

iGloo webstie builder started as a charm software. Now, there is no real support for this software.

The reason why we are asking you should get away from this software iGloo,

1) Support guys do not want to do their works.
– Once you submit the ticket, it takes about 5~7 days to get answered. it does not matter how essential it is. The worst part, they ignore the ticket and close it. When we open another ticket, they answer the ticket one more time with apologizing that they missed the previous ticket, and ignore it again…So, we gave up to open a ticket to report any errors with software.

2) Lacking development
They added a new editor version to make the builder faster. But, there are tons of errors that we did not want to deal with because we know their support team will ignore again, so we kept using the old editor version.

3) Horrible attitude
We had an issue with the iGloo builder, so we suggested and shared our thoughts on their official Facebook group, and they blocked us immediately. Not only us, some of our clients who purchased through us also kicked out from iGloo Facebook community. If you try to speak with Sam Bakk? He blocks a person who wants to complain or share any thoughts of his software.

4) Unstable builder and hosting service
We found so many unstable parts for this builder, one of them we wanted them to fix was the text feature. When we type something, it deletes. and deletes and ……… Keep deleting.
If you use their hosting service, your website will not be alive often. And, no SSL supported.

5) Templates club issue
Over several months, all templates club customers were not able to receive their templates even though they are paying monthly. We did not know it until so many iGloo members started upset about it. And, we do not see any complaints anymore. Maybe Facebook group admin blocked them or people removed themselves.

But, iGloo website builder is active and working, and they are trying to expand their business.

We recommend the iGloo who does not care to speak with the support team. This is really I meant it. iGloo builder is affordable and many features added already before ownership switched so it’s fun to use. If you use the WordPress website, you can also add their plugin to import iGloo designed pages to your WordPress site. But, if your WordPress site is SSL supported, you will end up to seeing so many issues.

We are already said goodbye to the iGloo and Sam Bakk because we do not find any reason to keep any of his unsupported, unstable, no future goals for customers software under the same attitude owner.

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